Saturday, January 25, 2020

Ven. John Gitta Kavuma signs a marriage certificate

Ven. Gitta Kavuma Preaching to the newly wed

Ven John Gitta Kavuma

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Anglicans commemorate Musa Mukasa's 133rd martyrdom at Munyonyo

The Sunday morning heavy rains could not stop Ugandan Anglican faithfuls from attending an open air service at Mulungu Munyonyo on the shores of Lake Victoria.
Bishop Festus takes a photo with the clergy after the Musa Mukasa Day Service at Mulungu Munyonyo

Hundreds of Christians.braved the morning showers. Many were heard saying it was a blessing from God. Others said that God had wanted them to show him their commitment towards their faith. All in all young and old, men and women walked majestically to the place Where the 5th Anglican Martyr Musa Mukasa met his death on 25th May 1886 at around 6:00pm.

The service was led by the Namirembe Diocesan Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira assisted by the Archdeacon of Mengo Archdeacon you Ven. John Gitta Kavuma, the Diocesan Secretary Can. Kaweesa and other priests plus Lay Readers.   Over 2000 christians from Mengo Archdeaconry and Namirembe Diocese attended  the service that was broadcast live on Namirembe 93.9FM.
Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira and Bishop Festus Kwasi Yeboah
at Munyonyo during Musa Mukasa day celebrations

The guest preacher of the day was Rt. Rev. Dr. Festus Kwasi Yeboah, and his wife Felicia Yeboah Bishop of Sunyani Anglican Diocese of Ghana, West Africa.
Bishop Luwalira Leads clergy to pray at Musa Mukasa's
 martyrdom site at Mulungu Munyonyo

The Ghanaian prelate preached from his heart a sermon that moved mountains. Those who were present were not left the same as many people surrendered their lives to Christ at the end of the sermon.

Bishop Festus who preached in English with his Luganda interpreter Rev Festus Kalungi of St. John's Entebbe moved people when he eloquently narrated how Musa Mukasa was martyred 133 years ago. One congregant wondered how a person from far away knew a lot about Musa Mukasa than Ugandans did.

In his sermon he said Martyrs are people who stick to the truth and that's what Musa Mukasa died for. He went on to say that the first Christian Martyr was Stephen who St. Paul said that he witnesses his death.

He said that even today christians in many parts of the world are under persecution and this will continue as long as there Are people who are not interested in seeing the gospel being spread to all people of the world.

"We are here at Munyonyo for the 5th Anglican Martyr. You'll forgive me when I pronounce badly the word Munyonyo, but we are here because of the seeds of faith sown here 133 years ago" he said.

He challenged christians to always be ready to undergo suffering for the sake of Christ. " What can you do when you are faced with such problems?" He paused a question to the congregation.

Bishop Festus with Ven. John Gitta at Munyonyo
He went on to say that today we are here to recollect, re_examine what Musa Mukasa went through to achieve victory in Jesus Christ. "We are here to pray to God to renew our faith in him. Let's pray we  get out of spiritual bondage" he said.

He said that there were two types of people who had attended the days service, one who has tested God's love but they have backslidden and are now lukewarm christians who are soon giving up on their faith.

He said the second type are those firmly rooted in Christ. He prayed that every Christian present would be steadfast in the Lord.
"The blood of the Martyrs should give us strength because this was the seed of our Christianity that germinated here in Munyonyo" he concluded.

He thanked the Bishop of Namirembe, government of Uganda and Ssaabasajja Kabaka for protecting and preserving the Martyrs sites more especially the Uganda Martyrs Museum at Namugongo and the Museum of Religion at Mengo Archdeaconry headquarters.

Earlier on Bishop Luwalira thanked christians for braving the rain and to come and show their faith in Jesus Christ.

The Archdeacon of Mengo thanked Equity Bank for donating 2m shillings towards the function and also for attending.  He thanked security organs for securing the place.
He said that the visiting Bishop had opened a way for friendship and partnership with Mengo Archdeaconry and Namirembe Diocese.

In the afternoon, different parishes participated in games, music, dance and drama. It was a day filled with fun.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Olupapula lwa Bukedde lwetondedde Ssaabadiikoni w'e Mengo

Olupapula lw'amawulire olwa Bukedde ku Ssande olwafuluma nga 31 March 2019 lwafulumiddemu amawulire ag'okwetondera Ssaabadiikoni w'e Mengo Ven. John Gitta Kavuma. 

Ebikulu mu bbaluwa

"Ssebo Ven. John Gitta Kavuma Ssaabadiikoni w'e Menfo tukuwandiikidde okukwetondera mu butongole olw'ebyafulumira mu Bukedde wa January 28 2018 omwali eddoboozi ly'omu ku Bakristaayo ng'akikuteekako nti wali weenyigidde mu kutunda ettaka ly'ekkanisa e Lukuli mu bukyamu kyokka ne bakulemesa. Era ebigambo ebyo byavaako omusango mu kkooti Civil Suit No. 59 2018.

Bukedde akizudde ng'ebyayogerwa era nebiwandiikibwa mu mawulire tebyali bituufu. Era olw'okuba tebyali bituufu Bukedde tajja kuddayo kubifulumya.

Era oluvannyuma lw'okukusisinkana ne twogera era netukkaanya ku nsonga eyo tukuwandiikidde nga tukusaba otusonyiwe olw'ensobi eyo ataali ng'enderere.
"Bukedde amenyawo byeyawandiika era twetondera Ven. John Gitta." 

Ebbaluwa eyaweereddwako kkopi Omulamuzi wa Kkoti e Makindye Omulabirizi w'e Namirembe Omuwandiisi w'obulabirizi Abakubiriza b'abakristaayo ku Bulabirizi ne ku Busaabadiikoni e Mengo ku Busumba e Kibuye n'ekkanisa ya St. Luke bweyagambye mu bufune

Bukedde Newspaper apologises to the Archdeacon

Bukedde Newspaper has apologised to the Archdeacon of Mengo Archdeaconry Ven. John Gitta Kavuma and pledged never to write any defamatory articles against him and the Archdeaconry in General