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St. Paul’s Church Najjanankumbi is just a stone throw from the City Centre, off Entebbe Road. As you search for a spiritual home, St. Paul’s Church Najjanankumbi Parish is the answer. This is a place for a community of Christian Faith.  It's a place where Christians get a sense of belonging and the Christian gospel is presented in a way that inspires our lives, deepens our faith, challenges our thoughts and speaks to the longings of our hearts. St. Paul’s Church Najjanankumbi is a place with a worship pattern that feels 'familiar' but also refreshing. It's a place where the lives of the young, children, teens and young adults are nurtured in a meaningful caring way.

The front view of St. Paul's Church Najjanankumbi 

At St. Paul’s Church Najjanankumbi, everyone is welcome and people can
taste and see that the Lord is good. 

We are a vibrant, multi-generational community of Christian faith, grounded in the Anglican heritage, yet open to innovation. As Anglican Christians we have a wonderful, rich tradition of worship, deeply rooted in the spiritual legacy of the Christian Church. We approach worship as an encounter with God through Living Word and Sacrament. Worship at St. Paul’s Church Najja is characterized by dignified informality that is comfortably at ease with both contemporary and traditional forms of liturgy.

We are not afraid of personal growth! Part of welcoming people means being open to their questions, and connecting with them “where they are.”  St. Paul’s parish strives to be a place where people can explore and expand their own personal vision, and find ways to exercise their unique spiritual gifts in the church.

The building that will house home for the Layreader, Sunday School, Offices and rental apartments

The Church started in 1982 as a small worship centre for people who could no longer afford to go to St. James’ Church Masajja which is three miles away to Busaabala near the shores of Lake Victoria the biggest fresh water lake in Africa.
The Church started at the home of the late Sserunkuuma but later on Christians managed to buy a plot of land from Ms. Nabbosa at the present location of the Church. Christians managed to put up a makeshift structure of papyrus and iron sheets.
Rev. Herbert Kabanda - Parish Priest Najjanankumbi

The Reverend James Kaana is the founding Parish Priest of St. Paul’s Church Najjanankumbi. He was posted to this Parish after it was curved off Masajja Parish in 2005. A number of accomplishments have been achieved during these years of Masajja Parish. These include, a modern three storied building that has been constructed at the Church to house the Sunday School, Parish offices, a residence for the Lay Reader, and rental apartments to increase on the income of the Church.   During this period the vicar’s house was enlarged to be able to accommodate a Parish priest. Facing bricks were put on the church to give it a medieval look. St. Paul’s Church Najjanankumbi is one of the few Anglican Churches in Namirembe Diocese with floor tiles and Terrazo.

Recently Rev. James Kaana donated to the parishioners 100 plastic chairs  to be used for the Church’s income generating projects.

The Parish has the biggest challenge of expansion since it sits on a very small piece of land and the neighbors have built everywhere. With the growing number of people residing in the area, there will be a challenge of building a storied church building to accommodate a bigger number of worshipers.

Praise and Worship during the English service
The Choir praising the Lord during the service


Every Sunday the Church conducts three services

7:00am           -           Luganda
9:00am           -           English
10:30am         -           Luganda
Part of the congregation

Ministries in the Parish

The Church caters for the spiritual and physical needs of its parishioners through the various ministries namely;

  1. The Sunday School
  2. Fathers Union
  3. Mothers Union
  4. Christian Men’s Fellowship (CMF)
  5. Christian Women’s Fellowship (CWF)
  6. The Choir (Music Ministry)
  7. Missions
  8. The Good Samaritans
  9. Daughters of the King (DOK)
  10. The Youth
Sunday School Children praising God

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