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Mengo Archdeaconry the Grand old Archdeaconry in Namirembe Diocese

Mengo Archdeaconry the Grand old Archdeaconry in Namirembe Diocese

It goes back to the times of Sir Daudi Chwa II King of Buganda who loved Christianity so much that he had a Church in his Mengo Palace and another one at his Munyonyo Palace. Whenever he went to pay a visit to his mother at Lusaka, he would attend prayers at Kibuye.
St. Luke Kibuye, the seat of the Archdeaconry
Ven. John Gitta Kavuma. The Archdeacon of Mengo

The Bishop of Namirembe Rt. Rev. Dr. Dunstan Nsubuga, based on that historical fact to preserve the name Mengo after the 1966 crisis when kingdoms were abolished in Uganda. At first, it was commonly known as the Archdeaconry of Namirembe. It should be recalled that during that time, Mengo was no more and the Mengo Palace had been turned into a military barracks. All that was done by the government of the day to ensure that Mengo is erased from the Baganda’s memories.

In 1982, Bishop Nsubuga decided to relocate the Archdeaconry headquarters to Kibuye under the name Mengo Archdeaconry. It was not all that easy since the Christians of Kibuye thought that  since the Archdeaconry headquarters had been transferred to Kibuye, the name should be Kibuye Archdeaconry. There was consensus that since it was Mengo that spearheaded the building of Namirembe Cathedral, it was important to have the name Mengo preserved.
The Archdeacon's residence
By July 28, 1985, the Archdeaconry of Mengo was composed of 12 parishes namely;  Kibuye, Masajja, Kibiri, Kabowa, Katwe, Luzira, Mbuya, Kasubi, Kawuku, Munyonyo, Kamuli and Kazo. These comprised of 52 daughter churches.

Later on, the Bishop decided have the following Parishes; Namirembe, Mbuya, Kamuli, Kazo, Kasubi, Katwe Marytrs, Luzira, Kawuku, Kabowa, Kibiri, Munyonyo, Kamuli, Kazo and Masajja. Mengo later on gave birth to the following Archdeaconries: Kazo and Luzira. Currently Mengo has the following parishes: Kibuye, Katuuso, Munyonyo, Kabowa, Kibiri, Katwe Martyrs', Katwe II, Masajja ne Namasuba.

The Archdeaconry of Mengo is a very important archdeaconry not only in Namirembe Diocese but also in the entire Province of the Church of Uganda.

The Special Importance of Mengo Archdeaconry
By the time the Diocese realised the need to relocate the seat of the Archdeaconry from Namirembe to Kibuye, the hearts of Baganda Christians were still filled with sorrow since the Kabaka had been exiled and kingdoms abolished.

The heart of Buganda is at Mengo. When the Archdeaconry was relocated to Kibuye, it was prudent enough to call it Mengo instead of Namirembe. The name Mengo is broad in nature. Mengo Archdeacony reminds us the honour of Buganda and Uganda. It reminds us the culture and traditions plus the development of releigion in Buganda and Uganda as a whole. Religion in Uganda and Buganda started at Mengo with the CMS Missionaries landing at Munyonyo landing site. For quiet a long time, leadership in Buganda and in religion rotates around Mengo.

Some of the historical sites Mengo Archdeaconry
1. Mengo Palace
2. Kabaka's Martkets at Katwe and Kibuye
3. Kabaka's Lake. Ssekabaka Mwanga ordered his subjects to dig this lake to connect it to Munyonyo landing sit. Kabaka Mwanga wanted to always leave Mengo in a boat to Munyonyo where he had built a palace and named it Salaama. Due to political turmoil and the coming in of the missionaries, this project was never finished.
4.  Musa Mukasa Martyrdom site at Munyonyo and Munyonyo Landing site which was used by the missionaries to come to Uganda.
5. Namasole's Palace at Lukuli; this is where St. Luke Church started from
6. The second home of the Governor of Uganda (Makindye State Lodge)
7. Sir. Albert Cook's home was in Makindye. He is the father of modern medicine in Uganda.
The Archdeaconry Lay Readers pose for a photo with Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, Bishop Luwalira and Ven John Gitta


Ven. Dr. George W.M. Kityo the pioneer Archdeacon. He served from 1980 and in 1983 the parish became an Archdeaconry. He served for 8 years.
Ven. Dr. Kityo with his wife Vivien Kityo
Can. Baddokwaya: This was the second Archdeacon after the death of Dr. Kityo.
the late Can. Baddokwaya and Maama Ruth Baddokwaya
Can. G.W. Ssekitooleko was the third Archdeacon of Mengo
Late Can. G.W. Ssekitooleko and his wife Anne Ssekitooleko
Can. G.W.  Mugula was the fourth Archdeacon of Mengo
Can. G.W.  Mugula and his wife at one of the functions

Can. Samuel Kasujja was the fifth Archdeacon

Can. Samuel Kasujja

Can. Nelson Kaweesa was the 6th Archdeacon of Mengo
Can. Nelson Kaweesa
Can. Daudi Sserubidde was the 7th Archdeacon of Mengo

Ven. John Gitta Kavuma is the 8th Archdeacon of Mengo. He has done a lot for this  Archdeaconry including building a new house for the Archdeacon and started on the work of enlarging the Archdeaconry Church building.

Ven. John Gitta and Maama Margaret Gitta 

The work of enlarging the Church at Kibuye has started  the the offices

The Head of Laity is Mrs Margaret Magumba. She has led this Archdeaconry now for a second time after finishing her first four year term. She heads a vibrant and hard working team.
Mrs. Magumba addresses the Archdeaconry executive

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