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Office 2nd floor, Centenary Building P.O. 14297, Kampala Uganda

Motto: “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection”  Phil 3:10
Christian Men’s Fellowship (CMF) was established in Namirembe Diocese in 2006, though the pioneering executive was elected on Saturday 20th July 2010. It now operates in 400 churches of the Diocese. Its membership spans across age bracket and marital status, the youth aged 12 -19 years, bachelors;  and other men married in the Church.
Members of the CMF Executive with Rev. Can. Moses Banja
during their 5th Anniversary Celebrations

Our Vision:
A society where Christian men are morally upright and socially acceptable.

 Our Mission:
To contribute towards the enhancement of Christianity among men through evangelism and advocacy for social-economic based practices as well as setting good examples.

The Core Values:
We uphold the following guidelines:
·         Faithfulness in Christian beliefs
·         Truthfulness, justice, peace and love
·         God centred evangelism and human wellness.
·         Love for God, our church, families, country and mankind
·         Dedication to God’s work using our energies, innovations and collective resources
Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira
Bishop of Namirembe Diocese and Patron of CMF

Our mandate is to promote a holistic Christian man’s life from early manhood through all the stages of life by pursuing the seven objectives below:
1.       To encourage Christian men to attend church services and prayers
2.       To encourage Christian men to participate in church activities
3.       To encourage Christian men to read Holy Scriptures in fellowships and their homes
4.       To encourage Christian men to preach the gospel
5.       To encourage men to join holy matrimony and raise  children with Christian values
6.       To forge unity among Christian men through visiting, praying and helping one another
7.       To organize seminars for development of both body and spirit of Christian men
Rev. Can. Banja and LayReader Wasswa lead the worship service

Current Goals
·         Reactivation of men’s lead role in church activities
·         To  encourage not legally married men to join holy matrimony
·         Preaching the Gospel so that man can change like our role model held it.
·         Increased capacity of men to earn income
·         A strong presence of CMF in every church
·         Improved welfare

The congregation

Challenges to overcome
·         Weak leadership of CMF at lower levels of the church
·         Inadequate financing of CMF programmes at all levels of the church
·         Poverty among members
·         High cost of social services such as education and health care;
·         High cost of modern introductions and holy matrimony practices
·         Prevalence of cohabitation; and
·         Misuse and non-use of information, communication and technology;

Part of the congregation
Key Achievements 2010-2015
·         Presence of CMF in the Diocese of Namirembe
·         Formulation of two five year strategic plans i.e. 2010/14 and 2014/18
·         Annual celebrations of St. Paul’s Day in all Churches
·         Acquisition, furnishing and equipping a Diocesan CMF office
·         Publication of the inaugural historical magazine 2011
CMF members in a thanksgiving service at Namirembe
·         Publication of a CMF Guide Booklet
·         Having a CMF Anthem, Logo, Badge and Uniform for the Fellowship
·         Designing and issuance of membership and leadership certificates
·         Establishment of CMF data base
·         Visitation and mission to archdeaconries, parishes and institutions
·         Holding regular Executive meetings at the Diocesan level
·         Formulating the Draft constitution one, two and three
·         Holding regular Annual General meetings from 2011 to date
·         Having shield and trophies for competitions
·         Sponsoring men for July Diocesan Mass Weddings
·         Involvement in and support to Diocesan events like Ttegula Poject, Galamba Project, 93.9 Namirembe FM, Bugiri Youth Retreat Centre, Namugongo Projects and Diocesan Conventions.
·         Donation of relief assistance to Namayumba Post test club
·         Preparations of Charity Walk 2013 and Publication of CMF Magazine
·         Having an annual CMF budget showing income and expenditure
·         Training of CMF groups on many topical issues
CMF Vice president Dr. Kalibwani talking to CMF members at Kanani Restaurant

·         In addition to evangelism, CMF organizes and particiapates in activities that benefit the church, community and the nation including:
·         Health awareness campaigns about HIV, cancer, stress management, etc through workshops and Charity walk.
·         Games and sports for 12-16 years and adults.
·         Good Samaritan outreach to the needy and counseling services to singles, married and youth
·         Music, dance and drama that help to preach the Gospel
·         Leadership and management training
·         Publication of Christian Information through magazines and newsletters.
Mr. Samuel Kalanzi Sserwanga
President CMF Namirembe Diocese

Dr. R.J. Kalibwani (PHD)
Vice President CMF Namirembe Diocese
Source of financial Support
CMF gets financial from Membership fee, contributions from archdeaconries/ Deanery,  Annual Subscription Fee, Contingency Fund, Office Development Fund, Fundraising, 25% of CMF Rebates for St. Paul’s Day January 25, Donations from friends, Charity walk, SACCO Savings, Loans and Project items sales, Donations from friends and organisations.

Rev. Can. Moses Banja launches the CMF brochure on his left is
Mr. Samuel Kalanzi the President of CMF Namirembe Diocese

Diocesan CMF Structure
CMF is overseen and guided by the clergy while executive functions rest with the laity at all church levels. The Bishop of Namirembe Diocese at the Diocesan level is the Patron. Archdeacons are the patrons at the Archdeaconry level. Parish priests are the patrons at the parish level while Rectors (where they exist) and Lay Readers are the Patrons at the sub-parish level.

At each of the above levels, there is an elected Chairman with an executive committee that performs the day today duties of the Fellowship. At the diocesan level, the Chairman/President, Archdeaconry representatives and committee members form the Diocesan Executive that steers the work of CMF throughout the Diocese.

4Ds Philosophy of CMF


For more information please contact Tel: 0772471741, 0701973723, 0772887472

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