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Ndejje becomes the youngest Parish in Mengo Archdeaconry

Sunday March 13, 2016 will remain the books of history as the day the parish of Ndejje was inaugrated.

Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira
 preaching at Ndejje
In his sermonbased on John 12:1-15
The Archdeacon of Mengo Ven. John Gitta introduced the new parish to Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira  at a colorful function held at St. John's Ndejje.

Bishop Luwalira said that reason as to why he had come late was that he had been meeting in a fellowship of the Bishops of Buganda both serving and retired.

He said that he had been sending out Bishops to different Parishes.
He said that he thanked God for Ndejje parish. He thankred them for waiting for this day. He said that in 1987 when he was sent to Kabowa as a priest, he used to pass tbrough Ndejje to Lubugumu not knowing rhat one day thid will be a church anf a parish.
He congratulated Rev. Jackson Mukuye for accepting the first parish priest.

His measage rotated at "We want to see Jesus" the person sent went to his friend and they both aoproached Jesus with the message.
Today God has sent Mukuye as thr parish priest, It is on record ghat Ven. Gitta is the Archdeacon of Mengo and Can. Kaweesa is the DS and Luwalira is the bishop.
Plan of the new Church from the eastern side

Plan of the new Church from the front side

He said that these days christians have been able to build and cpnstruct good churches and priests houses plus vehicles but people wabt to see Jesus.
The function was attended by the Diocesan Secretary Can. Nelson Kaweesa, the Archdeacon of Mengo Ven. Gitta, the Archdeacon of Luzira Ven. Isaac Membe Kijjambu, the Archdeacon of Nateete Can. Ntulume and a number of priests from the diocese and other dioceses.
He challenged the people of Ndejje to ensure that the Parish develops and grows but above all to ensure that people get to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and saviour.
We have hope in this parish. We have come here as witnesses when this parish attains the parish status.

Bishop Luwalira blesses the vehicle
He said that the way Jesus responds many people fail to understand. Time has come.for the son of God to be glorified. When he was crucified, we were all brought near to the cross. I want to thank you for building churches and houses.
They constructed a storied house for the parish priest.

He said that we can be in good houses, vehicles and all those luxuries but people want to know Jesus. They want to see Jesus.
Rev. Mukuye making his maiden speech at Ndejje Parish

He called upon people to stop saying that you are bringing pentecostal tendencies of praising amd worshiping in Church. People want to see Jesus.
Please.let people get to know Jesus.
Jackson be in that house but ensure that people get to know Jesus.
He said that after elections people need a lot of counselling. Let people get to know Jesus in your life.

Let Jesus rule in your life. If we have known Jesus, let us also make him known to others
He thanked the people of Ndejje for welcoming him to Ndejje. Above all he thanked his wife Abigail Mukuye for standing by his side in the pastoral work.
He thanked the parish of Kabowa for seeing them grow. They said they are going to build the.parish on a strong foundation of Christ Jesus.
They are to preach the living gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Parish is composed of four churches.
St. Johns Ndejje, St. Noah Bongole, St. Paul Lubugumu and St. Thomas Kibutika.
People have been saying that Ndejje parish is a one man parish but it is under Mengo Archdeaconry and Namirembe Diocese.
Jesus Christ the limitless is going to be their motto. They are going to construct a new  Church at the Parish Headquarters.
They are to carry out missions in the schools and they are planting a new church in Lufuka zone.
They plan to have development seminars. They have bought a vehicle for the parish priest. The Bishop will officially launch it today.
We shall have plans to work.with education institions
Other church departments:
He will ensure that all departments are working for the good of the Church.

Diocesan  Secretary Can. Kaweesa reads the Diocesan Council
 minute to transform Ndejje into a parish
On his part, the Head of Laity of St. Johns Ndejje Mr. Robert Ssemanda gave a brief history of the Church. He said that they were at first part of Lubugumu COU but later on realised the need to plant a Church in Ndejje. He said that they started under a Muwafu tree and later on put up a papyrus Church. Later on Mr & Mrs. Kiwalabye gave them a piece of Land where they built the current Church.

St. John's Church Ndejje, the seat of Ndejje Parish
He thanked the retired layreader of Lubugumu Mr. Ssemuddu for nurturing them despite the fact that they had broken away from Lubugumu Church. He said that they regarded him as their first Layreader.
The following are the lay readers that have served at St. Johns.
Edith Nmatovu
Dan Mayombwe
Ordinand Kyobe
SsaalongoKaweesa Herbert
He also specially thanked  Rev. Zziwa Herberr Ssaalongo for accepting Ndejje to become a parish. and also thanked the Archdeacon for facilitating the process of turning Ndejje into a parish.

The Parish Priest's house

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