Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mengo Archdeaconry council held on 4th May 2013

By Hannington Sebuliba

The Mengo Archdeaconry Council has been held at St. Apollo Kivebulaaya Namasuba Parish along Entebbe Road. The Council started with a communion service led by Rev. Robert Muwonge Nsinsi assisted by the Lay Reader Ssalongo Kaweesa.

In his sermon based on Mathew 5:13 “You are the salt of the world …. and let your light shine before men..”, Rev Muwonge appealed to members of the archdeaconry council to be exemplary in their day today life and behavior.

Members of the Archdeaconry Council listening to the proceedings at Namasuba

Opening the Council, the Chairman and Archdeacon of Mengo Archdeaconry Ven. Rev. John Gitta Kavuma based his introductory remarks on the dioceasan theme 1Pet. 2:9 “But you are a chosen nation….” he extended his condolence to Christians who had lost their dear ones and to the President of the Republic of Uganda and the entire nation for the loss of former First Deputy Premier, Brig. Eriya Kategaya, Ambassador James Mulwana, Hon. Cerina Nebanda, Hon. Dr. Stephen Malinga, Lady Justice Constance Byamugisha among others. He also informed the members about the untimely death of the late Rev. Samuel Ssenjobe former Parish Priest of Masajja.

The Archdeacon thanked Christians for contributing towards the Archdeacon’s house which is about to be completed. He appealed to Churches that had not fully contributed towards the completion of the house to do so to enable His Lordship the Bishop to come and put foundation stone. He said that once this is done, the new Archdeaconry church building construction will commence. He also thanked those who had bought transport vehicles for the Lay Readers and Parish Priests. He introduced to the Council members the New vehicle for the Archdeacon.

St. Apollo Kivebulaaya Namasuba Parish

He thanked  those who had welcomed the bishop in their parishes and requested them to follow the guidelines set by the Bishop when they are making reports.

On the issue of Ttegula Project, he appealed to Christians to continue giving in their monies to see that the work is completed. He informed them that the Tegula Project committee will be visiting Mengo archdeaconry.

He was sad to note that in some churches there were some church wardens that had served for very many years contrary to the diocesan constitution. He requested them to re-organise themselves so that they elect leaders basing on the constitution.

 Archdeacon John Gitta (centre) presiding over the Archdeaconry Council at Namasuba left is Rev. Buwembo of Katuuso Parish, to the Archdeacon's left if Mrs. Magumba (Head of Laity) and Eng. Waiswa (Treasurer)

On the issue of the Archdeaconry convention, he said that it was high time they started a convention  in the archdeaconry for all people who had accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior. He also requested all parishes to embrace the issue of door to door and open air mission during the decade of mission.

The new vehicle for the Archdeacon of Mengo

The Council deliberated on a number of issues and the following were some of the resolutions and recommendations.

v     It was resolved  that all churches in the Archdeaconry that had not yet fulfilled their pledges on the Archdeacon’s house to do so before 30th September 2013.
The New house for the Archdeacon nearing completion

v     It was resolved that within a period of three (3) weeks, the programme for raising those funds be brought to the Archdeacon’s office copied to the head of laity
v     It was recommended  that the Lay Readers go back and write a proper project proposal to be deliberated on in the next Council meeting.
v     On the issue of Tegula Project, it was recommended that Parish representatives and members of the Synod to go back to their parishes assisted by the Parish priests to organize how they would welcome the Tegula project committee in their parishes.
v     It was resolved that all names of church wardens be forwarded to the Archdeacon’s office and that those who had served for more that the stipulated time be appreciated for their good service. It was also resolved that each church should have nomination sheets that show the name pf the person nominated and how many years, he/she had served in that particular position. The committee also recommended that Parish Priests and Lay Readers play their cardinal role of showing Christians the proper channels to be followed when electing church wardens.
v     It was resolved that the Archdeaconry starts a convention to be held twice a year. A committee of four people was appointed to organize the first convention. They include Rev. George Ninye, Mrs. Margaret Kitanda, Mr. Christopher Lukenge and Mr. Wilberforce Naigambi.
v     The council also resolved that a committee be put in place to check on Ndejje St. Johns C/U to find out whether it has all the requirements before the Bishop consecrates it and putting a foundation stone.
v     It was also recommended  that Ndejje St. Johns starts the process that will lead them to be granted a parish status.
v     A committee was put in place to go to St. John’s Lubowa to inspect and find out whether all necessities for building a new Church building are in place.
v     On the issue of Musa Mukasa Memorial at Munyonyo, the committee recommended that Mr. Sam Lukyamuzi’s committee sits to come up with a concrete plan for the place to enable us get proper ownership of the land on which the memorial sits.  The Archdeacon reported that the Bishop of Namirembe had invited the Katikkiro of Buganda to be the chief guest on Musa Mukasa Day so that we present to him our plans for that land.

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