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Mengo Archdeaconry hosts the crowning of Namirembe Diocesan CWF events

October 12, 2014 all roads led to St. Luke Kibuye the seat of Mengo Archdeaconry to crown the CWF events in Namirembe Diocese.
Ven Gitta hands over a certificate to one of the past CWF leaders

The whole area was painted by a human sea of green and yellow, the colours of the Christian Women's Fellowship (CWF) in Namirembe Diocese. The ladies were clad in their green gomesi's with a yellow waist sash. while the young ladies wore green dresses with yellow collars. From a distance you would think that the green plants had blossomed yellow flowers. It was a sight worth seeing. The clergy also put on green stoles to march the colours of the day.

It was a service of praising and worshipping the Lord God and above all to remember the patron of the Christian Women Fellowship (CWF) Mary Magdalene.  According to BBC Mary Magdalene travelled with Jesus as one of his followers. She was present at the two most important moments in the story of Jesus: The Crucifixion and the resurrection. 

Ven John Gitta Kavuma welcomes guests
During the service led by the Archdeacon of Mengo Archdeaconry Ven. John Gitta Kavuma, assisted by the Assistant Archdeacon Rev. Kezekiah Walusimbi, the Coordinator of CWF in the Diocese Rev. GBK Buwembo, Rev. Moses Kayimba, Rev. James Kaana and Rev. Fred Lubega, Christians sang their voices horse in praise of the Lord Jesus Christ.

CWF members from Mengo Archdeaconry, Lutikko Deanery, Luzira Archdeaconry, Entebbe Archdeaconry, Kazo Archdeaconry, Nateete Archdeaconry and Gayaza Archdeaconry attended in big numbers. The number of attendants were close to 3000. This number couldn't fit in the small St. Luke Church at Kibuye, so the organisers  decided to have the service in the Church Gardens.

In her sermon, the guest of honour who is also the President of the Christian Women's Fellowship in Namirembe Diocese, Mrs. Male based her sermon on 2 Tim 3:1 which talks about people loving themselves.

She said that these days people are no longer working as a team because amongst the women folk many of them are ever engaging in rumours. She was not happy that men had shied away from the festivities leaving them to women.

The congregation at Kibuye. At the front are the wives of the priests

The Clergy

Part of the congregation

Mrs. Male in the middle with Mrs. Kasaato (right) Chairperson of MU
 and Mr. Sam Kalanzi Chairman of the Christian Men's Fellowship

She said that nowadays women spend 80% of their time engaging in idle talk and rumor mongering. She requested women to always be straight forward instead of talking ill of their friends.
She said that there’s a group of women who are busy engaging in abusing others as if that is their profession. And she went on to say that some women in the villages are hired to abuse others. She said that as members of the Christian Women’s Fellowship, women ought to be an example to the rest of the people like their patron Mary Magdalene used to be.  
Dancing to the Lord

She thanked her boss at Kitebi Secondary School Haji Ssebijjo who is a Muslim for always allowing her to leave office and go to attend CWF meetings at Namirembe.

Mrs. Margaret Magumba- Head of Laity Mengo Archdeaconry 
She also said that women today have become traitors because they no longer love one another. She said that it was high time they stopped being traitors and turned back to God. 
At the same occasion, the chairperson of CWF in Mengo Archdeaconry, Mrs Nanfuka called upon women to ensure that they entice the young ladies to join CWF because they are the leaders of tomorrow. This call was further echoed by the Head of Laity Mrs. Margaret Magumba and the Archdeacon of Mengo Ven. John Gitta Kavuma.

They said that it was important to have the girls in the organization so that they are well nurtured to become leaders of the church now and in the future.


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