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Katwe Martyrs Church's Evening Glory a blessing to the city dwellers.

Katwe Martyrs Church's Evening Glory a blessing to the city dwellers.

Praise Him in the evening
Every Wednesday evening, people from all walks of life flock Katwe Martyrs Church at the heart of the artisan capital of Katwe near Muganzirwazza shopping mall.

Young and old, middle aged men and women, boys and girls all come to this city Church, not only to listen to the word of God but also to pray and be in God's presence. It is a time for God's deliverance and to share testimonies of what the Lord has done for them.

The time of testimonies is such a nice time to listen to various testimonies that uplift and edify the name of the Lord.

Martyrs Church Katwe
The Parish priest's sermons and prayer sessions have turned this evening glory into one of the most sought after in Kampala today. Rev. Kezekiah Walusimbi's oratory and fluency in his sermons cannot leave you the same.
Rev. Kezekiah Kaweesa sharing a moment with Ven. John Gitta
 at Martyrs' Church Katwe during the Evening Glory Service

The evening glory starts at 6:00pm and goes up to 8:00pm. People do not leave this place the same.

This particular Wednesday when I came to Katwe I found Ven. Rev. John Gitta Kavuma the Archdeacon of Mengo Archdeaconry as tge guest preacher. His sermon was based on the topic
"how does one overcome challenges" Omuntu awangula atya?

We all get challenges in the same way you are challenged. How can one get victory over challenges? People usually love to see you failing or suffering.

"Whatever we do there are challenges. People alwats want to talk issues that do not take them ahead. 
"When I was posted at Mengo, I was challenged to build a new house for the archdeacon but people talk ill of me and many said that the house wont be finished. Now we have finished it."

Ven John Gitta Kavuma preaching at Katwe during the evening glory

"We are now going to construct a new Church for the Archdeaconry. "

He talks about people who have a lot of problems but they do not mind about taking them to Jesus.
He says God works in mysterious ways we cannot see. When we are praying we always put conditions to God.

The instrumentalists at work
You come to evening glory when you are burden. I envy you because you come here when you know what you want. His sermon was based on 1Sam 1-to the end , where Hannah used to go and pray earnestly to God to ask the Lord to give her a son. 

Most people want to be heard. These days people pray in competition. But Eli the priest saw her pouring her problems unto the Lord. 

When you come unto the Lord, always pour out what is on your heart unto the Lord. He posed a question to the congregation, do you always pour out what is on your heart?.

The secrete of success is not having any hatrage on your heart. People see you coming here and think you are wasting time but God sees what you are earnestly praying for. He will see yiu through and you have a breakthrough.

We dance unto the Lord

Time for praise and worship

Praise Him in the evening

Kneel before God and pray for what you want God to do. God remembers you after uou have gone through a process where you are riddiculed, scorned and people laughing at you.

God cannot handle your issues when you are here are there. You have to start a new relationship with God. Do not look aside. 
Part of the congregation during the
 Evening Glory sevices on Wednesdays
Listen to Gods voice only. Leave, rumours and wolokoso. Let your coming here be meangful and fruitful. God will give you and he has already given you. Start with what you have.

Therez a God who wants to start a new begining in you. Look at your own issues. Do not mind about other people's problem. Just focus on your issues. You will succeed.

Head of Laity, Mr. Ssegawa addresses the congregation
The service is crowned with praise and worship sessions. Every body is taken up with praises and worship. Dancing and raising hands are characterise this session. The parish priest Rev. Walusimbi and Layreader Mwesigwa usually crown this session that starts with confession before the Lord. Then prayers of deliverance follow.

Omukubiriza Ssegawa thanked christians for attending in big numbers. He told the congregation that now that the Archdeacon has blessed their evening glory service, next will be the Bishop of Namirembe.

Katwe Martyr's Church's strategic location gives it advantage over other city churches. It is better and easier for someone going home to branch off to this Church for the evening glory service. Rev. Kaweesa says people come from as far as Entebbe, Kajjansi and other far places. Every week, new people come for these services. 
Rev. Kezekiah Walusimbi Kaweesa
the Parish Priest of Martyrs' Church Katw

"The beginning was so hard, but God has added unto us more people every other week" says Rev. Kaweesa.

Next wednesday spare time to come and celebrate the goodness of the Lord.
Enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart

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