Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rev. Moses Kayimba Installed as Namasuba Parish Priest

It was colour and pomp at St. Apollo Kivebulaaya Anglican Church in Kikajjjo Namasuba. Guests from far and near thronged this Church on Sunday 19th April 2015 to be witnesses as Rev. Moses Kayimba was being installed as the new Parish Priest of Namasuba Parish.

The service started with the usual Procession led by the Choirs, Lay Readers and Priests. It was a time of jubilation as many Christians joyfully sang unto the Lord. The young and the Old were all seated waiting to see the  Anglican Church tradition of installing a Parish Priest. This type of function has become very rare since most priests these days never bother to organise such functions since it involves alot of money and time.

Ven. John Gitta Kavuma Blesses Rev. Moses and wife Racheal Kayimba during
the installation service at Namasuba

Ven. John Gitta Kavuma hands over a certificate from Namirembe Diocese confirming
 Rev. Moses Kayimba's posting to Namasuba Parish

In his sermon, during the installation service, the Archdeacon of Mengo Ven. John Gitta Kavuma said that God knew that this day would be a great day for Moses and Racheal.

He said that he believed to many Christians this might have been their first time to witness such a function. He posed a question as to why such a function of official installation of a parish priest is done. There was silence in the whole church. He went on to narrate how one day he (Ven. Gitta) and other priests went for a burial service but at the burial ground confusion ensued and people started beating one another. He said that the priests had thought that they would be spared, but they ended up sharing on the strokes of the cane. "The people caning us were asking one question, who told to come here and tresspass?" he said. 
Ven. John Gitta Kavuma preaching at Namasuba

Ven. John Gitta Kavuma hands over a Bible and a minute book to Rev. Moses Kayimba

He went on to saya that they ended up at the Police Station and they were being accused of criminal tresspass but what saved them, was the letter written by the bereaved family to the Lay Reader of the area, requesting him to conduct a funeral service. He said that the police exonerated them and said the priests had no case to answer because they had been officially invited.
A cross section of christians in the congregation

The Clergy

Rev. Fred Lubega of Katwe II Parish reading the Gospel

From the gallery

Tukutendereza Yesu

From left to right Rev. Can. Ernest Kibuuka, Rev. Moses Kayimba,
 Ven. John Gitta Kavuma, Mrs. Rachael Kayimba and Mrs. Margaret Kibuuka

with the Clergy and Archdeaconry executive

He went on to say that during the official installation of the paish priest, a certificate from the Diocese of Namirembe with a seal and a signature of the Bishop. He said that after handing over the certificate to Rev. Kayimba.

From left to right Rev. Can. Ernest Kibuuka, Rev. Moses Kayimba, Ven. John Gitta Kavuma, Mrs. Rachael Kayimba and Mrs. Margaret Kibuuka
Ven. Gitta congratulate Rev. Can. Ordinary Ernest Kibuuka the father of Rev. Moses Kayimba for nurturing a God fearing son who has turned out to be a good priest. He said that like Prophet Samuel who grew up in the family of a priest, Moses Kayimba had also grown up in the family of a priest. He said that in the book of Samuel, Elly the Priest  was the man who nurtured Samuel and he prepared him to become a priest, prophet and judge of Israel. "We thank God, that Rev. Moses has passed through our hands as assistant Vicar at Kibuye Parish" He said.

"Today we are here to confirm and install Moses Kayimba as a Parish Priest" he said adding that Samuel was the last judge and was the author of the Isarel Kingdom. He turned to Rev. Moses and told him that a priest is the chief priest and prophet in a parish who is supposed to fore see issues in the parish.He told him that Christians want to see him telling them things of the future. He further told him that he will be able to settle issues affecting this parish. "That's your responsibility" he told him.

He went on to tell him " You have succeeded priests who were here before you. The God who enabled them to work, will see you through" he counselled. He told him that God was going to install him before the congregation so that they will be able to come to him for spiritual help. He further told him that God wants to see him winning more souls through preaching the word.

He also advised him that  he will face many challenges, but he should not fear because Jesus will always be with him. He called upon the congregation to give him all their support so that the work of God in Namasuba Parish does not grow cold.

At the same function, the head of laity Namasuba Parish, Eng. Waiswa thanked the Archdeacon for accepting to carry out the function. He welcome guests who came from far and near and requested them to assist them to contribute towards the construction of a new commercial building project for the Parish. At the end of the service, over  Shillings 12m was realised in cash and pledges towards the project.

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