Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kabowa Celebrates 112 years of Christianity in the area

Saturday 13th February, 2016, St. Stephen's Church Kabowa  celebrated 112 years of Christianity in the area
Bishop Luwalira preaching at Kabowa during the centenary Celebrations
The service was led by the Archdeacon of Mengo. Ven Gitta Kavuma, Archdeacon of Entebbe Can. JonathanKisawuzi plus a number of priests who have served at one point in time in this parish. They included Ven. Can. Kezekia Kalule Archdeacon of Luteete, Can Yusuf Lule, Rev. Maguzi Henry, Rev. Musisi, Rev. Kajungu and the current Priest Ssalongo Herbert Zziwa.
The preacher of the day was the Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira. Who also served here.
"Ateresebwa ebingi era alibuuzibwa bingi". You give credit where it is due. You should always give thanks to God.

We have worked and reached this far. This leads us to stop working hard.
We have to thank God for the 112 years. Psalms 92:14 "
They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing;
Now in these 112 years we still expect you to bear fruits.
John 2:1-11 believe in Jesus the head of the Church that has spent 112 years to do a new thing amongst you.
When there are problems, to whom do you turn to? He asked. He went ahead to say that when the drinks got over at the wedding in Canna, they turned to Jesus fir help.
When Jesus comes into a situation everything turns for good. He called upon the people of Kabowa to have a new beginning in the next 112 years.
The Centenary Choir that led the worship
Jesus shows that he can be around any situation whether it is happiness or sorrows. He turns our mourning into dancing again. He lifts our sorrows and we cant stay silent. We must sing.
The Church of Uganda has spent hundreds of years preaching the gospel. We shall continue working hard to proclaim the gospel of Jesus.

There are so many churches around challenging us that we don't have the spirit of God. Saying that we were the first, that's not enough. We have to go back to the bible truths. We have to show that there is a Church building that is visible. The Church must have an impact to the communities so that people get to know.
When we opened the decade of mission, many challenged me for standing in an open air crusade. We have to get out of the comfort zone.

We need to know how many christians we do have in our Churches. Let God do a new thing in the coming years.
Bishop Luwalira flanked by Ven. Gitta and
 Mrs. Luwalira outside the Church after the service
Times have changed nowdays Christians do not welcome us to their homes. We should use the new technologies to reach out to the Christians.
The congregation during the 112th Anniversary
We thank God for giving us a radio but we lack a TV station yet the new Churches have all those avenues. When you get the media, you have power.

Dr. Joseph Jombwe unveils the hospital project.
A total of 35 million shillings was pledged that day

Time for general elections is near. Let us engage in prayers but keep on praying and fasting for this country. Let God's will be done in the coming elections. Once we do that, we shall get the right leaders God is Choosing for us.
Let the words you say rotate around peace and we should love one another. Above all we must remain Ugandans. Let us pray hard to God because there are loose connections. "The bad dances and the way people are seating badly on bodabodas during campaigns with the man facing the lady, what a shame! We pray that God makes a new beginning." The Bishop lamented.
On his part the Archdeacon of Mengo Ven. John Gitta Kavuma thanked Kabowa Christians for remembering to thank God for the 112 years and called upon them to ensure that the hospital project in the offing is realised.
Bishop blesses the  congregation

Dr. Jombwe showing the artistic
 impression of the Hospital
The Head of Laity Mr. Samuel Kasenye thanked all Christians for engaging in the Centenary Celebrations. He said that as part of the celebrations, they will construct a 6bn Shiiling hospital project to cater for women and children. HE also said that they plan to build a three storied priest's house that will house up to six priests in future.
The Head of Laity Mr. Kasenye addresses the congregation
Later on the Bishop planted a centenary memorial Muvule tree.
Bishop Luwalira waters the tree he planted in commemoration
of 112 years of Christianity in Kabowa

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