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Namirembe Diocese celebrates the life of Rev. Kezekiah Walusimbi Kaweesa

The Steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord; and he delighteth in his way Psalms 37:23

The Late Rev. Kezekiah Walusimbi Kaweesa was burrried on Monday 15th February at Migadde Kyaddondo off Bombo Road.   Thousands of Christians braved the afternoon showers and bid farewell to the man of God.
Rev. Kezekiah Walusimbi Kaweesa

Christians of Uganda Martyrs Church Katwe through their head of Laity, Peter Ssegawa Praised their pastor who has been their parish priest for the last seven years. They prayed to God to enable the Bishop of Namirembe send to them an equally good and gifted priest like the late Rev. Walusimbi.

Mr. Peter Ssegawa said that the hard work of Rev. Kaweesa has bore fruits in the Uganda Martyrs Church Katwe and those fruits are very visible.By the time he was posted to Katwe, the Church had 10 business shops for rent that used to feed the parish, but by the time of his demise, the rental shops had increased to  25.
mourners outside the Church at Migadde, that Rev. Kaweesa helped to build

Bishops outside the Church at Migadde

“He brought the idea of turning the building that houses the  Sunday School e Katwe into a Day Care Centre and Kindergarten called  Christ Care which rents it so that it is used daily."
"He started the Wednesday Evening Glory service where Christians bring their problems to be prayed for and also get deliverence". He said. He went on to say that by the time Rev. Kaweesa was posted to Katwe, Christians were giving little money every Sunday in offertories, pledges and tithes, but  currently, the average Sunday collection is 7Million Shillings.

On his part the Bishop of Namirembe Diocese Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira said that all the good deeds Rev. Kaweesa had done should be an example to the rest of us so that we have a complete turn in our lives.
"The height of a tree is usually determined after it has fallen". Adding that "Rev. Kaweesa has been a courageous person and always determined to achieve what he has  set to do. This should be and example to us who are still alive." the Bishop preached.

The retired bishop of Namirembe,  Samuel Balagadde Ssekadde said that he started seeing the late priest when he was still a young man as Chairman Head of Laity of Kungu Parish, but he had a rare gift of preaching the word of God.  “In our home,  Rev. Kaweesa has been our spokesman whenever we had a daughter who was going to get married. He has always done this work with one heart" narrated Bishop Ssekkadde.
Priests taking out Rev. Kaweesa's body from Namirembe Cathedral

He has been a very progressive farmer. At Migadde, he had a piggery, poultry, cattle and a banna plantation plus a big eucalyptus tree plantation.  He also had another farm at Ndejje.

Being a man who valued good places of worship, he went back and mobilized fund to build a maginificient Church at Migadde. He has been urging people in his parish to always go back to their ancestral places and help to rebuild  and beautify their  Churches.

On his part the Diocesan Secretary of Namirembe Diocese, Rev. Canon  Nelson Kaweesa said that the late Rev. Kaweesa Walusimbi has been his uncle although he has been younger than him. He said that by the time he joined priesthood, he did not know that they were related.  He said that in the 11 years, the late had served as a priest, he has been able to accomplish a lot. The good deeds are so many more especially preaching the true gospel of salvation.

Buganda Government was represented by Owek. Ssekabembe Kiberu the Minister of Youth and Sports who described the late Rev, Kaweesa as an all rounder priest who did not only preach the gospel of salvation but emphasised development.

The retired Bishop of Central Buganda Diocese, Dr. George Ssenabulya said that the late Rev. Kaweesa had been fully called by God to preach the word of God and he used to do it with one heart.

Mr. Bob Robert Ssebbaale one of the officers in the Estates department at Namirembe Diocese,, said that Rev. Kaweesa has been a great hero. He said that he has helped to settle a number of land disputes in the diocese.
He said that by the time he was posted to Katwe, only 800 Christians had pledge numbers, but by the time of his death, the numbers had raised to 3500.
"By the time he came to Katwe, the Church was renting a house for the priest but he managed to construct  storied homes for the priest  and the Lay Reader. He has left an indelible mark, the land that had been grabbed, he has been able to rescue it and he has been a very good steward of the Church's properties". He noted.
Inside the Church Rev. Kaweesa built at Migadde

The exterior of the Migadde Church

When he was posted to Masuuliita as a deacon in 2003, he found when the Archdeaconry had just been fazed out and Christians had lost hope. Many had abandoned the Church but he worked tirelessly to bring them back on course. By the time, he was transferred to Kabowa, he had been able to purchase two vehicles to serve the parish. He managed to raise funds and a modern parish priest's house was constructed  plus a project for business rental house.

When he was posted to Kabowa, he managed to refurbish the old Church hall and also to ensure that the Priest's house was completed.

The Bishop of Mukono Diocese, Rt. Rev. Ssebaggala talked of him as a strong pillar the Church had lost and also his clan of Ffumbe. He called upon the people of Katwe Matryrs Church not to lose heart but to accept whatever priest that will be posted to their parish bacause there are no duplicates in God's Kingdom.

The retired Bishop of Mityana, Rt. Rev. Wilson Mutebi, said that the late Rev. Kaweesa had served the Church diligently in his prime years.
Rev. Kaweesa on his 25th Anniversary,
7 Days before he breathed his last

The widow, Mrs. Deborah Kaweesa said that the late Reverend Kaweesa had loved her so much and this led them to nurture their children in the righteous way of the Lord. She said that on Sunday 7th February 2016 after their Silver Jubilee, he told her that in his life he had only enjoyed two functions to the fullest. The first one being the day he was ordained a priest and the second one was the silver jubilee. Little did she know that, it was his last major function.

Rev. Kaweesa started his career working a field manager of the World Home Bible League, then he became Head of Laity Kungu Parish. He then went to study a certificate in Divinity as a Lay Reader and Later on a Diploma in Theology at Bishop Tucker Theological College Mukono.

After ordination, he was posted to Masuuliita as a Parish Priest, then Kabowa Parish and later on Katwe Martyrs Church  in Mengo Archdeaconry up to the time of his death.

By the time of his death, Rev. Kaweesa has been the Estates Scretary Namirembe Diocese and Assistant Archdeacon, Mengo Archdeaconry.

In 2009, Rev. Kaweesa developed cardio vascular problems and in 2010, he was taken to India for an operation that went on successfuly. The doctors say  the cause of his sudden death was due to  cardiac arrest.

Children of the late Rev. Kezekiah Kaweesa Walusimbi

He died at Mulago Hospital on Saturday 13th February 2016 six days after he celebrated his Silver Jubilee plus celebrating three graduation parties of his children. He is survived by seven children including  Moses Ssekabalira (the heir), Alex Ssendege, Samuel Mwesigwa David Lubwama , Joshua Sebaggala Kirabo, Nanteza Ssuubi and Samalie Nabbumba .

He was born in  1967 a Migadde, and got married to Deborah Kaweesa in 1991.

The Archdeacon of Mengo, Ven. Gitta Kavuma said that the late Rev. Kaweesa was not only  very hardworking but a trustworthy and transparent person.

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