Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mengo Archdeaconry staff hold their meeting at Katuuso Buziga

Mengo Archdeaconry Staff meeting held at Katuuso Parish on  Wednesday 17th September 2014
The meeting was preceded by a communion service led by Rev. Herbert Zziwa Ssalongo the Parish Priest of Kabowa Parish. His sermon was based on Luke 10:23  Then turning to the disciples he said privately, “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see!  For I tell you that many prophets and kings desired to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it.”
Rev. Herbert Zziwa Ssalongo preaching at Katuuso

He said that Jesus said these words as he was talking to his Disciples before they started their ministry. He said that these people were from diverse backgrounds. Some were fishermen who were used to beach life which has a lot of filths. The other group belonged to revenue collection, which group was used to people who were ever complaining about over taxation and people who were defaulting taxes. He went on to say that other people like Luke the physician, were used to sick people who were ever wailing and suffering from incurable and curable diseases.
Rev. Zziwa brought the point home to the church ministers to try and reflect on their ministry and remember where they have come from and relate it to the ministry today.
Mengo Archdeaconry priests outside St. Paul Katuuso after
the communion service before their staff meeting

He challenged the Church ministers present to ask themselves “what are my eyes blessed to see today?” he said “that once you realize what you are seeing spiritually, you will be able to minister to the people what God is making you to see”

Mr. Kisinde welcomes the priests at his home
He went on to narrate that some Christians these days might not be able to see the fruits of the Holy Spirit in the work of the Priest and Lay Reader. He therefore challenged fellow priests to be able to do what God has called them to do. He then gave them advice to spare sometime daily to seek God’s face so that people see something different whenever they preach the gospel.

On his part, the parish priest of Katuuso Rev. James Kaana and Maama Edith Kaana welcomed the Archdeacon and the entire archdeaconry staff to Katuuso and asked them to feel at home.

The Archdeacon of Mengo, Ven. John Gitta Kavuma welcomed the priests to the meeting and thanked Rev. Kaana for accepting to host the staff meeting in his Parish. In a special way, he welcomed the wives of the priests and thanked them for sparing time to come and support their husbands in God’s work. He said that the wives of the priests contribute 90% of the whole Ministry and without them, the pastoral work generally becomes difficult.

Mr. Kisinde (left) introduces his wife to the priests
He thanked Rev. Kezekia Kaweesa the Assistant Archdeacon for standing in the gap, when he was away in Turkey. He said that during the tour to Turkey, he was able to see the churches John wrote about in the book of Revelations up to the Island of Patmos. He said that Turkey is regarded as the second most holy place but out of the 140,000 churches that used to be in that Country, non is still functional, they were either turned into Mosques or museums and called on the Church to pray to see that Christianity flourishes in that country.

After the service, the priests and their wives drove to Buziga Hill, in a serene environment at the home of Mr. Johnson & Mrs. Mukasa Kisinde for a sumptuous breakfast and thereafter, to have their meetings in the green gardens of the Kisindes.

The Mengo Archdeaconry priests and their wives pose for a group photo
with Mr & Mrs. Kisinde at their home in Buziga
Mr. Kisinde was happy to receive the priests in their family home. He said that it was a blessing for them to have such a great number of priests in their home. He introduced the members of his family to the priests.

The Mengo Archdeaconry priests and their wives pose for a group photo
with Mr & Mrs. Kisinde at their home in Buziga

On his part, the Archdeacon of Mengo, Ven. John Gitta, thanked Mr & Mrs. Kisinde for accepting to open their home to the Church. He said that God’s blessings would remain in this home for generations to come.
From Left; Ven. John Gitta Kavuma, Maama Margaret Gitta,
Mr. Kisinde and Mrs. Kisinde

Rev. Herbert Zziwa Ssalongo who stood in for Rev. James Kaana the parish priest of Katuuso extended the apology of Rev. Kaana for not having come with the rest of the priest but he was to join them at mid-day after dropping a patient to Mulago Hospital.

Later on the priests had their meeting in the lawns of the Kisinde gardens and the wives of the priests had their own meeting in a tent near the house.

The Priests' wives attend their meeting at Katuuso Buziga

The priests in their monthly meeting at Katuuso

Ven. John Gitta Kavuma chairs the meeting of priests at
Katuuso at the home of Mr. Johnson Kisinde

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