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Katuuso Parish in Mengo Archdeaconry

St. Paul's Church Katuuso

St. Paul's Church Katuuso Buziga

St. Paul's Church Katuuso Church of Uganda was started way back in 1970. It started under a mango tree. After the Christians realised that whenever it rained, they could not have worship services, they decided to built a mud and wattle church. They used papyrus mats to roof the church.

Rev. James Kaana - The Parish Priest
Later on more affluent Christians like John Bomboka, the late Aloni Ssebina and others joined this church. They bought a piece of land and started constructing the current Church building.

The other Christians who were part of the construction of the new modern Church included Zaake Ssenyumba, the late Keefa Luyiira, the late Erenest Kaggwa, late Lovinsa Makumbi, Gayiira, Eriyazaali among others.

On 5th February 1981, the then Bishop of Namirembe the Rt. Rev. Dunstan Nsubuga Consecrated the Church and put a foundation Stone. In 1986, it was curved out of Kawuku to become a parish.

The following are the priests that hjave served in this parish since it started; the late Rev. Kanakulya, Rev. E. Sekyaya, Rev. Ssebbanja, Rev. J. Kalimi, Rev. D. Ddumba Ssentamu, Rev. A.T. Ssempa, Rev. E. Ssebbowa, Rev. B. Kiwanuka, Rev. J. Balongo, Rev. Kakiga, Rev. E. Lubowa, Rev. GBK. Buwembo and Rev. James Kaana the current Parish Priest.

members of  the congregation attend one of the services

Katuuso Primary School

Katuuso Child Development Centre

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