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Kibuye Parish - the seat of Mengo Archdeaconry

St. Luke's Church of Uganda Kibuye is the seat for both Mengo Archdeaconry and Kibuye Parish. This was the very first church in this parish. It was started way back in 1904. The land on which this church stands, was donated to the church by Namasole Everlyn Kulabako (Queen Mother of Ssekabaka Sir Daudi Chwa II).
St. Luke Kibuye the seat of Kibuye Parish and Mengo Archdeaconry

The first lay reader of this church was called Tomasi Kiriibwa. He used to stay at a place currently known as ewa Luvuuma. During one of his preaching sessions, Namasole Kulabako felt touched and thus donated the land on which the Church is located today.
This church was used to be commonly referred to as "Ekanisa ya Namasole" (The Queen Mother's Church). The reason as to why it was called so is that  it started in Namasole's palace at Lusaka. It is just a stone throw from the current location of the church.

In 1952, Christians of St. Luke Kibuye bid farewell to their parish priest 
Rev. Yeremiya Ssebadduka. One of the young christians on the front with 
a circle is Drake Ssekkeba
The day Bishop Stuart Bid Farewell to the christians of St. Luke Kibuye on 2nd March 1952
The current church was built in 1911, and in 1916 a foundation stone was placed on it and it was fully consecrated as a true place of worship by Bishop J.J. Willis. One of the many Christians who participated in bringing stones for the construction of this church and is still living is Mr. G.W. Ssempa.
At the same time, they had started a school headed by the late Kafeero who doubled as the Church warden. The other living person who was one of the pioneer Christians is Ms. Catherine Nanfuka. This church is very unique in that it was constructed using stones instead of bricks. These stones were ferried by the Christians themselves.
Rt. Rev. J.J. Willis the Bishop of Uganda consecrated the Church in 1916

During the 1940's this church was referred to as "Ekanisa ya Buladde". It was bout to be burnt to ashes when Namasole Drucilla Namaganda re-wed in that church to Rev. Peter Kigozi. Many Baganda loyalists never approved of it. It was a taboo for the Queen mother to re-marry moreover to a common man (a mukopi). The password Buladde (Meaning Buganda is ok) saved this Church. When the group of Baganda youths who had planned to torch down the church and to throw stones to the bridal party heard the word Buladde meaning that Buganda was peaceful, they decided to abandon all their plans.
Namasole Drucilla Namaganda and Rev. Peter Kigozi
Rev. Tefiro Bamutenda presided over at the wedding of Rev. Peter Kigozi and Irene Drucilla Namaganda.
Rev. Tefiro Bamutenda

During that time, Rev. Tefiro Bamutenda was regarded as a rebel priest for carrying out the wedding at Kibuye. He was also the first priest to  baptise children of unmarried couples at St. Luke Kibuye. He never regretted that act because he believed that those children had no case to be segregated.
He served at St. Luke from 1937 to 1945. When he was transferred to Ngogwe, he continued baptising those children regarded as sinful. The Native Anglican Church in Uganda (NAC) decided to force him to resign.  Even after he had retired, christians from all walks of like use to go to his home at Kisaala Buikwe, Kyaggwe where he continued baptising those children.

St. Luke Kibuye takes second position in Namirembe Diocese after Namirembe Cathedral. When the seat of Mengo Archdeaconry was transferred from Namirembe Cathedral during the reign of Bishop Dr. Dunstan Nsubuga, it was brought to Kibuye St. Luke.

This is the only church in Buganda that was started by a Namasole and she remained one of the Christians in that very church.

The other reason as to why this church is so important is that Sir Albert Cook, the missionary doctor who started Mengo Hospital and the father of medicine in Uganda was a regular Christian in this Church. He used to stay in Makindye. Dr. Albert Cook and his wife were very strong pillars during the construction of the Church at Kibuye. This is the reason as why when the Church decided to build a  health centre at this place, it was named after Sir Albert Cook.
Dr. Albert Cook and his wife Catherine Cook
The Rev. Can. Ezra Kamya who served as Parish Priest between 1979 - 1982 conceived an idea of building a health facility at the Church and proposed the name to be Sir Albert Cook Clinic in memory of the two medical missionaries who were parishioners of St. Luke Kibuye. Can. Kamya was very instrumental in construction of the clinic. Christians recall that on a given day, Can Kamya would be seen participating in the construction. The late Can. Kamya is the father of retired Bishop of West Buganda Diocese Rt. Rev. Kefa Kamya Ssemakula.
Rev. Can. Ezra Kamya
Sir Albert Clinic at Kibuye Parish

The refurbished Sir Albert Cook Medical Centre at Kibuye

The proposed St. Luke Kibuye Parish Church

Ven. John Gitta Kavuma - The Archdeacon of Mengo and Parish Priest of Kibuye Parish
At first Kibuye Parish used to cover the following churches: Munyonyo, Salaama, Kabowa and Masajja.
Currently the following are the sub-parishes under Kibuye Parish;
St. Luke Kibuye
St. Stephen Lukuli
St. James Luwafu
St. Mark Kibuye
St. Johns Lusaka
Canon Kiddu Chapel

The following are the Parish priests that have served in Kibuye Parish basing at St. Luke Kibuye.

      Rev. Nasanayiri Mudeka 
Rev. Mukuye- The Assistant Vicar Kibuye Parish
1914 -1922
      Rev. O.K. Nsubuga                  
1923- 1927

 3    Rev. N.K. Nakiwafu/Rev. A.G Binaisa
     Rev. Y.K. Musoke          
1929 –1936
     Rev. Tefiro Bamutenda  
1937 –1945
      Rev. N. Wampamba       
1946 –1950
     Rev. Yese B. Kibuuka    
      Rev. Yeremiya Ssebadduka
1951- 1952
     Rev. A. Nsale                 
1952- 1955
      Rev. B.M. Galiwango     
     Rev. Can. Zakayo Kiddu 
1957- 1968
    Rev. Nsubuga                
1968 - 1969
   Rev. Canon Yakobo Baddokwaya
1969 -1976
   Rev. Erunaayo Mwanje  
1977 –1978
    Rev. Can. Ezra Kamya   
1979- 1981
    Ven. Rev. Can Dr. G.M. Kityo 
1981- 1990
   Ven. Can. Yakobo Baddokwaya
    Ven. G.W. Ssekitoleko   
1990 –1994
    Ven. Can, George Mugula        
1994- 1997
    Ven. Can Samuel Kasujja        
1998 –2001
   Ven. Rev. Can Nelson Kaweesa
 Ven. Rev. Can Daudi Sserubidde       
2002 - 2007
  Ven. Rev. John Gitta Kavuma  
               2008 –todate

Assistant Vicars
1.     Rev. Nathan Ntege
2.     Rev. John Kateeba
3.     Rev. Ttus K. Mubiru
4.     Rev. C,K. Ssempa
5.     Rev. Hannington Mutebi (Now Assistant Bishop Kampala Diocese)
6.     Rev. Kenneth Ssewannyana
7.     Rev. H. Nsubuga
8.     Rev. Silas Musoke (now Archdeacon Gayaza)
9.     Rev. Henry Maguzi
10. Rev. Harriet Nantongo
11. Rev. Joy Magala
12. Rev. Ephrance Kakangula
13. Rev. Mubiru
14. Rev. David Sekiziyivu
15. Rev. Sanga Mulinda
16. Rev. James Samuel Nsonga
17. Rev. David Ssekiziyivu
18. Rev. George Kuza
19. Rev. Lubega Kisakye
20. Rev. Henry Katumba-Tamale - 
21. Rev. Kisitu
22. Rev. Keziya
23. Rev. Edward Gombe
24. Rev. Moses Kayimba

The first priest at St. Luke Kibuye was Rev. Nasanayiri Mudeka. He later on became a canon. He served at this church from 1914 to 1922.
The first christian to be baptized at this church when it was still in the Namasole's palace at Lusaka was Ludiya Namakula. She was baptized on 14th June 1914 and Namasole Everlyn Kulabako was her God parent. The other christians that were  baptized included:
1. Ludiya G. Namakula    14th June 1914
2. Yuniya G. Namusoke 2nd August 1914
3. Ekiliya M. Nakanyolo  2nd August 1914
4. Yedidiya B. Walakira 2nd August 1914
5. Yowasi Musoke  30th August 1914
6. Saulo Lwalanda  his  date of baptism not known
7. Nuwa Yakuvuddeko   his  date of baptism not known
8. Erika Kiwanuka   his  date of baptism not known
9. Yoweri Tamale   his  date of baptism not known
10. Erika Mukasa   his  date of baptism not known
11. Erika Luyirika   his  date of baptism not known
13. Manjeri Namayanja  her  date of baptism not known
The other person baptised on 21st February 1915 was Nasanayiri Zaake. All those Christians were baptised by Rev. Nasanayiri Mudeka.

The 8 pillars in St. Luke Kibuye Church in 1917
The building committee that sat on 28th September 1917, resolved to have 8 pillars of bricks to support the church roof. The late Bulasiyo Lwalanda was requested to make bricks for that purpose. The committee was composed of the following people; Can. Mudeka; Yusuf - the treasurer; Yoswa Ssebalijja; Yairo Bamulumbye; Blasio Lwalanda; Sedulaka Walabyeki; Tomasi Kiribwa; Serwano Semakula; Isaka Lwalanda; Erisa Batabikere; Erasito Segobe; Tomasi K. Lwabidongo and Alistaliko Kaddu.

The pillars in the Church
Later on those pillars were increased to 14 when the church had been  enlarged.
After 50 years, when Rev. Baddokwaya was posted to this place between 1969- 1976, the pillars were removed on the basis that they were hindering christians from seeing each other. After they were removed, they put metallic poles and left only two original pillars.

Kibuye Day School 1923
On 29th December 1923, the Church council of St. Luke Kibuye passed a resolution of starting  Kibuye Day School. The Christians resolved to start the school in the old church building since the new church building was almost completed. It is not known when it came to pass because it took so long for the new church to be completed.

Completion of the St. Luke Church in 1932
In 1932, Mrs. Catherine Cook one of the Christians in this church, wrote in the church newspaper Ebifa announcing that the work of constructing the new St. Luke Church had been completed. She appealed to the Christians to see that they put in place a Church Warden to look after that Church. She went ahead to appeal to Christians to buy Church pews because those she had lent to them, were about to be taken away. She actually took them away.

The Church Organ of St. Luke Kibuye in 1931
In a church council that sat on 21st March 1931, the parish priest Rev. Y.K. Musoke brought the idea of purchasing a church organ for St. Luke. Some sections of christians were proposing to buy an organ from Mr. Dekasimu. The Council did not approve it saying that it was too small for St. Luke Kibuye Church. The Council also rejected the idea of looking for another organ since the church still had a very big debt.
In 1934, the Church Council sat again and passed a resolution to expedite the purchase of the church organ. Namasole contributed 200/- yet christians had only managed to contribute 71/- 65 cents. Mr. Byangwa a Christian of St. Luke who was  a great musician of the day and an accomplished organist was given the  responsibility of playing the organ. The organ was old but in good condition. That organ was bought at 200/- yet a new one would cost 1000/-.

The Centenary Organ of St. Luke Kibuye (1977)
History does not indicate how many years the 1934 St. Luke organ served. In 1977 one Christian by the names Ntambi C. Kikomeko recalls that in that year when the Church of Uganda was celebrating 100 years in Uganda, one Christian by the names John Bombokka requested  the then Choirmastr Yafeesi Kiyaga Kauma to get two young men to be his grooms' men at the wedding of his friend Fred Sebina who was staying in Muyenga.
Fred Sebina

Kauma chose two boys namely; Christopher Ntambi Kikomeko (11) and David Kiweewa (13). Kauma took the boys to Muyenga to fit in the wedding clothes. When they entered the sitting room, Kauma was
The organ that was donated by Fred Sebina
mesmerised to see a very good organ. Being a musician, he stealthily went and played some notes on the organ. The voice of the organ was heavenly. Kauma then asked Sebina whether It was possible for St. Luke Church to have such an organ.

Mr. Sam Bagenda, the Church Organist
Since Sebina loved the Lord so much and at that time what was on his mind was his wedding to Juliet. He asked his wife Juliet whether it was ok for them to donate that Organ to St. Luke Kibuye as Kawuma had requested. Juliet is said to have responded "Let it be like Kauma has requested" The rest is history. This is the organ that has been playing in St. Luke Kibuye to date.

Expansion of the Church;
Plans are in high gear for the expansion of the Church into a modern Church building. They have so far started with the offices.
Construction of the Church has started with the offices and Vestry


  1. Dear Administrator,

    It has been nice to read this great history about our Church. Great work done and please keep it up. How I pray that all Churches within Namirembe Diocese and indeed in the rest of the Province do undertake the efforts to record the history of their Churches before it can disappear in thin air.

    Now, I wish to bring to your attention the first names of some of the Clergy who served as Assistant Vicars within Mengo Archdeaconry and you have listed.
    1. Rev. Tamale (Rev. Henry Katumba-Tamale)-- St. James Church, Masajja-Kyabaggu
    2. Rev. Nsonga (Rev. James Samuel Nsonga)
    3. Rev. Ssekiziyivu (Rev. David Ssekiziyivu)

    I thank you.

    Kind regards,
    Jonathan Mwesigwa S.

    1. Thanks Jonathan for those Corrections.