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Katwe II Parish - a Parish serving the city poor

Katwe II Parish in the middle of the city of Kampala.

Katwe II Parish is a city parish serving the poorest of the city of Kampala. This parish was curved out of Namirembe Deanery in 2000. The Church at St. Paul Katwe II had been getting priests posted to it prior to its getting a parish status. The following priests served at this city church; Rev. Keziron Kibalama, Rev. Benon Kakonge and Rev. Tomasi Nsubuga.

Rev. Isaac Membe Kijjambu (the current Archdeacon of Luzira) was the pioneer Parish priest. He was succeeded by Rev. Abraham Muyinda and currently Rev. Fredrick Lubega.

The following people worked tirelessly for the formation of the Parish; Mr & Mrs Grace Ssebbowa, Mr & Mrs. Paul Mugambwa and these are the people who donated the land on which this Church was built. The others included the late Ssalongo and Nnalongo Biriggwa and the late Idah Katenda among others.
Rev & Maama Lubega- the priest of Katwe

The following have served as head of laity; Mr. Robert Luzze,  Omulangira Jimmy Jjuuko and Mr. Stanley Kiganda the current Head of Laity. The parish currently comprises of the following churches

1. St. Paul Katwe II: This church was started in 1980 and it started in Katwe Primary School. The headmaster by then was Mr. Keefa Ssentoogo. He is the one who allowed the church to conduct services at the school premises. We thank him very much. For ten years, the school premises were home for Katwe II church. During the 1990's they managed to get land to build a church at the present location.
i) Mr & Mrs Mugambwa - donated the land
ii) Members of Endowooza Club - they worked tirelessly for the construction of  the Church and many others.

Above the current state of Church Land where the project is to
be located and below the proposed housing project
Proposed Church Project

The Church is currently trying to come up with a 3bn shilling (US$1,153,461.5) commercial building project to generate income for St. Paul's Church. The Church is currently looking for money to start on this project.
Proposed Project for St. Paul's Church Katwe II

The Parish Priest's house at Katwe II

Choir leads a recession at Katwe II

2. St. Peter's Ndeeba: This church started in 1979 after a section of Christians from the Kagumya family bought land to start a Church in this area. The Church is a very good piece of art in the midst of Ndeeba Township. It is a 700 seater church that will serve the people in this part of Kampala.

3. St. Luke Kakajjo: This Church started in 1989 in the home of the late Nalukwago Agiri who is burried at the Church Graveyard. Many Lay Readers and  Head of Laity have served this Church.

4. St. James Mengo Kisenyi: This Church is located in the midst of Kampala's Kisenyi a slum area near the city centre. The area is full of small scale industries including garages, grain mills among others. It is on a 3.7 acre of land.
King Fredrick Muteesa II

We thank His Majesty Ssekabaka Muteesa II for starting this Church for his servants. This Church has various  projects among others is  a school called Muteesa II Memorial Primary School that was started by the late Ephraim Ssambwa.

5. St. Peter Kiyembe (Chapel):  This church  is a congregation of Sudanese brethren. It started in 1996 after a lot of Sudanese refugees converged in this area. This church is a wooden church structure. The Christians of this Church have already bought land to construct a more permanent church.

6. Nsambya Chapel: This is a new congregation currently worshipping at Mr & Mrs Daniel Lutaaya in Gogonya Zone Nsambya. The Couple gave us their home to be used as a worshipping place until a piece of land is acquired. They have so far looked for land  but all plots where they can construct a Church is not less than UGShs 200m.

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