Friday, July 25, 2014

Masajja Parish

Masajja  parish was started in  1982  comprising of two churches namely, St. James Masajja and St. Paul Najjanankumbi which is now a Parish. The first Parish priest was Rev. Samuel Kasujja.
St. James Masajja Church of Uganda

Members of the Parish Council in one of their meetings
The Church
Rev. George Ninye- the Parish Priest of Masajja
at Masajja was started in 1937. It started at the current site of Delico Bakery. Later on they got another place where currently stands St. Apollo Kivebulaaya Church Namasuba. The Chjristians were divided as some went to Namasuba and the others went to Mengo Government to request for a piece of land to build a Church at Masajja. The Buganda Goverment authorities gave them land at Masajja Kyabaggu and they started worshipping under a tree. They later on started constructing a church. This was between 1950 and 1958.
Masajja Health centre

The church currently has a healthy centre which serves the community around. They have a school also serving the locals of the area. The current parish priest is Rev. Niinye.

The Parish Priest's home

Mr. Herbert Kyakoonye- the Lay Reader

the school at Masajja

The Church project for lock-up shops under construction

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