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Namasuba Parish

Namasuba Parish
St. Apollo Kivebulaaya Namasuba the seat of Namasuba Parish

This parish is made up of two churches namely;
St. Apollo Kivebulaaya Namasuba and St. Luke Namasuba

St. Apollo Kivebulaaya:
This Church was founded by the late Yusufu Lule in 1969. The Church started at his veranda. In 1970, the late Yusufu Lule together with the late Muwanga and a couple of other Christians, bought the land on which the church stands today.
The Clinic at St. Apollo Namasuba

The first church building was of mad and wattle, it was constructed in 1971 and the Lay Reader who used to serve at this Church, was coming from Kabowa.
Inside the church

In 1975, a more permanent church building constructed using bricks was constructed. The person charged with looking after the construction of this Church was Mr. J.S. Bukenya. The Church was consecrated by the Rt. Rev. Misaeri Kawuma in 1979. By that time it was a sub-parish under Kibuye Parish. The Head of Laity by then was the late Stanley Ssemambo. During that year, they embarked on the work of constructing the Parish Priest’s House in preparation for attaining a parish status.
The Stained Glass showing Cannon Apollo Kivebulaaya

The priests that have served at this parish since 1982 include among others:
1983 – Rev. Lubama
1984 – Deaconess Joy Magala
1986 – Rev. Can. Christopher Ssempa
In 1989, Namasuba became a parish. The following are the parish priests that have served this parish;
1. Rev. Simon Mpanga
2. Rev. Bwete Sendyowa
3. Rev. John Gitta Kavuma (current Archdeacon of Mengo)
4. Rev. James Bukomeko Ssalongo
5. Rev. Geofrey Wilson Kakooza
6. Rev. Robert Muwonge Nsinsi
The gallery at St. Apollo Kivebulaaya Namasuba

Since 1989, the following people have served as chairman head of laity;
Mr. Paul Kiwanuka Nsubuga, Mr. Samuel Lukyamuzi, Ssalongo James Lubwama. In 2005, the new church was constructed to accommodate the growing number of Christians in the area. It is a magnificent Church building that fits the modern times.
Rev. Robert Muwonge Nsinsi

St. Luke Namasuba
This church was started in April 23, 1995 in the home of the late Ssaalongo Ssemwanga.   It was developed from St. Luke Zone to enable members of that zone not to cross the heavy traffic Entebbe Highway. This was realized during the pastoral visit of the Rt. Rev. Samuel Balagadde Ssekkadde of that zone. The then Archdeacon of Mengo, Ven. Can. G.W. Mugula and Rev. Simon Mpanga, the parish priest of time, worked very hard to see that the planting of this church went on well.
Rev. Robert and Maama Muwonge Nsinsi - the Parish Priest of Namasuba

In 1997, Can. Mugula led the ground breaking ceremony of constructing the first church.  The Christians bought this piece of land. In 2003, the Christians built a house for the Lay Reader and was officially opened by the Bishop of Namirembe on 3rd August 2003.

On 6th April 2007, Bishop Ssekkadde together with the Archdeacon Can. Sserubidde and Parish Priest  Rev. James Bukomeko, broke the ground for the construction of the new church building.

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